Reflection upon re-reading «ITOE»

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by Ayn Rand

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The ideas in this book saved me, from the misticism that dominated all my thinking in my short lifetime, when I was 17. At that time, I only adopted a couple of broad convictions from the ideas in it: the conviction that my reasoning mind should be the supreme authority of my life and the promise of a descriptive and normative science to guide me in my use of my mind. The first conviction gave me the courage to take charge of my own learning and thus that of my own life as well. The second is a promise that encouraged me to undertake the exploration of my internal world and of the philosophy that would guide me in that internal exploration and growth necessary for the life I aspired to lead. And for that, I am immensely grateful to Ayn Rand and the editors.

Getting, finally, to re-read this book now was an immensely gratifying and stimulating experience. Epistemology is the most basic foundation of androgogy (the science of human learning). And now I am excited for the intellectual re-launch this book is giving me for my exploration of epistemology and theory of knowledge; to be integrated with my exploration of andragogy and of educational technologies to inform my career projects.

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