Bearing Of Theology On Other Branches Of Knowledge (Notas de estudio 25.9.20)

Source: John Henry Newman, Preface in The Idea of a University (1852)

I’m finding this an important text for my learning and having a lot of fascinating questions. These are the important concepts and the questions I found the author is asking implicitly and explicitly in this chapter.


  • Theology
  • Human science
  • Truth
  • Knowledge
  • Sciences
  • Division of labour
  • Knowledge a whole
  • Philosophical habit of mind

Inventory of questions

  • How should we approach our pursuit of the different sciences?
  • Should secular knowledge be taught in the University and religious knowledge be remanded to the pricate study of catholics?
  • What is Truth?
  • In what way is there knowledge about the world as contemplated by a human mind?
  • How does our knowledge advance?
  • Wha do the sciences tel us about the things in the world?
  • What is the role of the sciences?
  • What is the bearing of the different sciences on the other sciences?
  • How does the principle of division of labor play in scientific inquiry?
  • How do the sciences reflect the nature of things in reality?
  • What are concrete instances of the bearing that the sciences have on each other?
  • What happens when we carry our science irrespectively of other sciences?
  • To which science is the study of the sciences and their bearing on one another due?
  • How does this all apply to Theology?

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