Knowledge Its Own End (Notas de estudio 14.10.20)

Source: John Henry Newman, Discourse V in The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated In Nine Discourses Delivered to the Catholics of Dublin (1852)


  • Utility
  • Universal learning
  • «Liberal»
  • Habit of mind
  • Philosophical habit
  • Liberal Knowledge
  • Useful Knowledge
  • Education

Inventory of questions

  • What is the education which by virtue of these principles we give to the students?
  • In what way is the teaching of Liberal Arts useful?
  • Why should the student be introduced to a variety of subjects instead of specializing?
  • Why should the range of studies be enlarged in a University?
  • What is the actual result in the student from studying in such a place?
  • But what is the use of the product of this kind of education?
  • What is the gain of Philosophy?
  • How are we better for this master view of things that Philosophy gives?
    • Does it not reverse the principle of the division of labour?
    • will practical objects be obtained better or worse by its cultivation?
    • to what then does it lead?
    • where does it end?
    • what does it do?
    • how does it profit?
    • what does it promise?
  • Is knowledge capable of being its own end?
  • What does it mean to pursue knowledge for its own sake?
  • What does ‘liberal’ mean?
  • How does the liberal differ with its opposites e.g. the mercantile?
  • What do we mean by Knowledge?
  • What is knowledge?
  • What is education?
  • How do knowledge and education differ?
  • What is the object of the church in taking up philosophy?
  • And what are the uses it gives to it?
  • what has Philosophy taught men, but to promise without practising, and to aspire without attaining?
  • What is the difference between Religion and the Liberal Arts?
  • What is the beauty of the intellect?

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