#Reflection: On using grammar

Today I was writing an assignment for one of my classes. I was particularly appreciating how punctuation marks helped me be more efficient in conveying the thoughts in my mind. I noticed hoy periods and commas were necessary for delivering my thoughts in writing and how important they were in striving to be more consice and clear.

This is something I often do when I am writing. I write everyday in various contexts and for various purposes. And today I was reflecting on how the rules of grammar are always… well, actually, not always. I was thinking how, when I’m writing something formal, I use all of the rules I know. But not when I am writing informally. So I was thinking, why not do it in all of the things that I write?

Often I am self-conscious of the way I write when it’s informal. Because by custom I din’t really care wether what I correct or not. But now that I appreciate grammar more, I tend to use it more in conversations, tweets, and things like that. So today I thought, why not use it everywhere and everytime?

So, to my mental tranquility and consistency, I will start to write using grammar correctly everywhere I write.

It has crossed my mind the thought that it wouldn’t really be necessary, «people don’t do it and don’t care anyways». Why bother? Or why bother doing it everytime? There are times where I don’t really care writing to someone or somewhere and would be somewhat tedious to take this approach. But I am thinking that I don’t really want to be involved in exchanges in which I don’t really care and am just doing it for no good reason. So, now I will also try to be more intentional about the things I choose to use my energy for. And not write just because other people expect me to or because I’ve always done it, but because I really care about what I am doing it and I want to be present, however small it is.

So, those I my reflections today on using grammar and being intentional about getting involved in chats and posts.

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