A little advice on finding topics to write about

Upon writing my entry from yesterday I was reminded of a tweet I wrote a while ago on my approach to finding things to share in this blog.

The tweet was a reply to someone I follow who asked a question on a situation in which I also find myself in frequently. Here are the two tweets with my advice in the reply:

Writing improves your thinking and is a great way to reinforce what you are learning. A big part of what learning is about is learning to ask good questions.

And I have found that the more clear I have what questions I have and why they are meaningful for me, and how they relate to what I already know, is great stimulation for my thinking.

It awakens my mind to further questions to ask in exploring my main ones, and it maintains and adds to my motivation to keep learning because I become more conscious of how it is meaningful for me and how it reinforces and adds to my existing knowledge.

And that way one can share the ideas and the kind of interest and motivation to explore them to others.

Besides, with this approach one can always find something to write about. So, ask better and bigger questions, and stimulate your learning writing about them.

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