8 podcast episodes by Dan Sullivan that get me excited to think and to do

1. What Is An Entrepreneur, Anyway?

«What is an entrepreneur, anyway? There might be more to the answer than you think. Discover what it means to be an entrepreneur, the two decisions all business owners must make, the contribution they make to society, and more.»

2. Retirement: the Ultimate Casualty

«Peter and Dan give an update on the latest research in technologies extending the healthy human lifespan. Peter and Dan agree that “retirement” is one of the leading causes of death, and that mindset is a major factor in the game of human longevity.»

3. Why Entrepreneurs Need To Work Less

«Most entrepreneurs are self-proclaimed “workaholics.” It’s almost a point of pride. They feel accomplished by long hours, late nights, and the amount of time and effort they’ve put in. But with that often come burnout, boredom, frustration, fatigue, and a lack of enjoyment. This isn’t a good way for anyone to achieve results, especially an entrepreneur whose business and its success ultimately depend on them. In this episode, Dan and Shannon discuss the importance of taking time off, why it’s actually the first step in achieving bigger results, and how Dan uses his free time (22 weeks a year) to be even more productive.»

4. How To Always Increase Your Confidence

«Dan Sullivan has observed that entrepreneurs can experience breakthrough results by going through a four-step thinking, deciding, and action process. Repeat this process to achieve more breakthroughs throughout your entire entrepreneurial career.»

5. Why Entrepreneurs Get Stuck – And How They Can Move Forward

«There are many problems unique to entrepreneurs that can wear you down and cost your business time and money. But how you approach these setbacks is what will set you apart. In Episode #2, Dan and Shannon discuss these common entrepreneurial struggles while providing listeners with recommended tools, resources, and mindset shifts that can transform their thinking and help get them un-stuck.»

6. Launching New Ideas

«Peter and Dan discuss what it takes to earn acceptance of new products or ideas. How to make it go viral, how to launch it in a supercredible fashion, and understanding the desired outcome from the beginning are critically important.»

7. Why Stop At 10x? How Collaboration Can Lead To 100x Growth

«Collaboration is the key to a successful business. It’s also the only way to free yourself from falling into the most common entrepreneurial traps: working too hard, resting too little, and wasting energy on draining tasks. But if you do only those things you’re good at and enjoy, then team up with other people doing the same, you all grow together. The best part is, this model works no matter how you multiply it. This means that if collaboration within your business can lead to 10x growth, collaboration with another business can do even more—100x more, in fact. Because when you combine capabilities, everyone wins.»

8. Increasing Abundance & Exponential Technologies

«In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss how exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. In This Episode: -How exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. -Dan talks about the greatest invention in the history of humanity and how to harness it.»

*I hope to update this list with other episodes in the future as I revist them. 🙂

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