Intellectual Education (Notas de estudio 11.8.20)

Source: Herbert Spencer, ch. 2 in Education: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical (A. L. Curt Company, Publishers, 1891) 5-93.


  • The unfolding mind
  • Natural process of mental evolution
  • Psychology
  • Organization of knowledge
  • A culture of the powers of observation
  • Object-lessons
  • Self-education
  • Self-sufficingness
  • Development of the faculties
  • Unconscious learning
  • (Guidance and discipline)
  • Early civilization of the child
  • Early civilization of the race
  • ‘Unhelped’
  • Self-development
  • The empirical
  • The rational
  • Self-evolution
  • Self-instruction
  • Self-mastered
  • Moral development
  • Happiness
  • Gratification
  • (Lifelong learning)
  • Self-culture

Inventory of Questions

  • What is the relationship between the systems of education and the social states which they have co-existed?
  • What political trends favor better educational practices?
  • What is the role of dissent in education?
  • What are the differences between the education of the past and the education of the present?
  • What is the old approach to teaching language?
  • What is the role of grammar in education?
  • What is the importance of the element of observation in education?
  • Why should the individual learn in the order that the race learned the Sciences?
  • How do abstractions become relevant in the learning of the child?
  • What is the role of the pleasure-pain mechanism in learning?
  • What is the importance of curriculum?
  • What would be a possible objection to freedom of action in education?

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