Short reflection upon finishing «Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning» by Peter Jarvis

Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human LearningTowards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning by Peter Jarvis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very interesting book with a fascinating subject under its inquiry. Lots of fascinating questions about the nature of learning and its role in human life.

Jarvis presents an overview of major works of research done by previous theorists of learning and aims at integrating them including research of his own into a broad framework towards a theory of learning.

The author is deeply concerned with the philosophical dimension of the investigation and the human, personal experience of the life of the learner. He is also very much concerned with the psychological aspect of learning, formulating important questions arising from the research he has done in adult learning.

However, a major weakness in the investigation he undertakes is the overlooking of a crucial aspect of human learning, and human life, more broadly, which is the role of the integrating, conceptual mind in all of the learning human beings do in their experience and interaction with the world.

For me, this was a very worthy read. Peter Jarvis raises important questions for our understanding of human learning and points out important aspects to be inquired on. For example, the role of emotions in the learning experience of the individual and the importance of individuality and authenticity and the role culture plays in the ways the individuals, that take part in it, learn.

As my mentor on ‘What is Education’ puts it, Jarvis is a «curator of a conversation» that has taken place in the exploration into the nature of human learning and the perennial importance learning has in human life, and how our understanding of it can improve the way we learn and create ourselves through our learning.

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